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 A Quiz app for Naval Architectures and Marine Engineers Shiptalks  is an online Quiz application developed by the  members  of Society of Naval Architecture Students. It is developed and maintained by the software club under  SNAS . Quiz app is also provided with and access to  SNAS  website where students can learn and contribute to the knowledge base.  DOWNLOAD SHIPTALKS
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Teacher's Day Celebration

SNAS   (S OCIETY OF N AVAL A RCHITECTURE S TUDENTS) SEPTEMBER    5 TH    2018                We celebrate Teacher’s day every year throughout the country on 5 th September. On this Day every students express their gratitude and appreciation for their beloved teachers.This day was dedicated to our beloved teachers from Department Of Ship Technology , Cochin University of Science and Technology-( CUSAT ).          The celebration conducted at our Department by SNAS on September 5 th 2018 .The whole programme was planned and conducted by SNAS . As part of Indian culture, we always start with prayer. All the invited faculty were present in the audience. M Sree Sankar delivered a welcome speech.Then we welcomed them and presented them with a bouquet as a token of respect.It was followed by cake cutting.They shared the cake with everyone who attended the programme as a symbol of the love and passion towards teaching. Head of Department Dr. Mariamma Chakko, Assist


S ociety of Naval Architecture Students   ( SNAS)   published    THE VOYAGE , annual newsletter of The Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT which was released on the grant occasion of DIMS-2018 by Sohan Roy CEO, Aries Group Of Companies . THE VOYAGE comprises achievements and activities of the students. Sincere efforts from the side of editor Vignesh Raj helped in releasing this publication.    Click here to read the digital copy of  "THE VOYAGE"

MARITIME QUIZ-"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

S ociety of Naval Architecture Student s   ( SNAS) has been always the energy behind illuminating students with knowledge by conducting interactive quiz competitions . In this regard, a Quiz competition was held under SNAS, prepared by Sarang Manoj , with Najih C H as the convener who ensured the active participation of all students. The programme also succ e eded in gathering the interest of students in their field of study . T he prizes were distributed by the H.O.D Dr.Mariamma Chacko and SNAS advisor , Associate Prof.Dr A.Mathiazhagan . Winners :         First Prize       -              Sayooj Sunil Second Prize -               Rejith R J Third Prize      -              Hafiz Abdulla


S ociety of Naval Architecture Students (SNAS) is privileged to be a part of DOSTAS International Maritime Seminar, DIMS-2018 organised by DEPARTMENT OF SHIP TECHNOLOGY ALUMNI SOCIETY [DOSTAS] on 3 rd and 4 th of August 2018. We are extremely thankful to Mr. Shaji P J  convenor DIMS- 2018, Cdr.P Jayasanker  President, DOSTAS, and all our alumni m e mbers for giving us this opportunity. Students of Department of Ship Technology actively participated in the seminar with admirable paper presentation by Cdt.Lavi Gulia, Mid.Suman Dutta, Cdt.Abhinav Aravind and Mr. Yashwant R Kammath. The Seminar enlight ened  Students with modern technologies and innovative ideas in Green Technology, Inland And Coastal Transportation, WarshipTechnology and Big Data And Internet of Things. It also provided an opportunity for students  to  interact with eminent industrialists, academicians and students from Maritime Industry  all around the world.


W ith the intention of inculcating harmony and goodwill as a global community, we joined our hands together to ensure our involvement and participation in all kinds of global sport competitions . SNAS Sports Club conducted FIFA  WORLD CUP PREDICTION CONTEST  .  Head of the Department Dr. Mariamma Chacko selecting the winner Vishnu C J, 7 th  semester student, Department of Ship Technology was the convenor.There was a great response from the students.The winner Mr. Mohammed Shad M V was awarded with a football by SNAS staff Advisor -Dr. A. Mathiazhagan .  SNAS staff Advisor -Dr. A. Mathiazhagan presenting a football to the winner.

SINKRONIZER-2K18 : CUSAT bagged first prize

  Students from Department Of Ship Technology, CUSAT won first prize in the Sinkronizer, an aquatic robotics warfare event which was held in AMET University, Chennai. The 8 member team was lead by Mr. Richard Johnson under the guidance of Cdr. P Jayansanker . The model was of dimension of 72x50x45 cm and weighed about 11Kg. the weapon used was a saw of 105mm diameter. The event started on 24 th morning . 6 teams from different universities participated in the event. The final fight as between CUSAT and AMET University. AMET  came  with  a Trimaran  which  had wooden hull with  metal  plating  on it. A clear dominance was shown by the team from CUSAT from the starting of the fight. Within 10 minutes, CUSAT team was able to suppress the opponent.    The model making lab sponsored by Cochin Shipyard played a key role in the fulfillment of this project. The most modern equipment and assistance from the lab facility boosted the efficiency and fighting capacity of the model